Robert W Chmielinski

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Robert W. Chmielinski
60 Walnut St., F4
Wellesley, MA 02481-2103
Phone: 781-235-8815
Fax: 781-459-0306


Robert Chmielinski followed the professional path of his father, Henry H. Chmielinski, Jr., a noted Massachusetts Superior Court jurist for over twenty years, and with a changed focus to technology and business law.  Working his way through college, law school and business school, Robert completed these studies while employed full time first in the federal court clerk’s office, then at the Middlesex District Attorney’s office (under John J. Droney), and at Digital Equipment Corporation in  their international trade regulatory function.  Mr. Chmielinski has been independently practicing law since 1984, and has been assisting the (federal) Export Legal Assistance Network as its Massachusetts coordinator for over twenty years.